The Design Process

Our design process is simple yet effective, providing the best experience for our clients. Below is our design process, if you have any further questions please use our enquiry form!

1. Fill in our Detailed Design Brief
This is the stage where you give zoideas as much information about the project as possible. We need to know your likes and dislikes, the styles you prefer and your goals and focus.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you fill this in as thoroughly as possible, and make your project outline clear. Remember, our designers don’t know you or what your preferences are. We all want the best from the project, but if you don’t give us enough information we may go down the wrong path altogether. Be as clear as you can and don’t just assume we will know what you want unless you tell us. You can send us links and post us items -anything to help us design the best solution for you.

2. We Will Send You a Graphic Design Quote
This is the contract zoideas uses to outline the project scope, to make sure we are both 100% sure of our respective roles and responsibilities. To avoid any misunderstanding, when this is sent to you, please read the quote thoroughly, and make sure that we have outlined everything that the project involves and that you understand what you are paying for. If it is confusing, or you don’t understand anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

This is also the stage at which we will invoice you for a deposit to commence the project. This is payable prior to commencing any work. We will not start your project before this is paid. If more than 30 days lapse without payment or we don’t hear from you and we cannot contact you, we will cancel your project booking.

3. Let’s Get This Project Started!
Now that we are all clear on the desired outcome of the project, zoideas will brainstorm solutions and research possible outcomes. Once we have in mind a list of design scenarios, we start sketching an outline of the project solution, concepts and directions. We work on your project incorparating the design brief, any existing elements you have given us and developing new designs to come together into a concept design/s to present to you.

4. Revisions and Alterations
Once we have completed the concept design/s we will send them to you to review. You can add your input and opinions, and we work on moving toward an outcome that meets your requirements.

5. Presentation of Your Final Design Solution (Proof)
Once we have completed the project’s revisions to your satisfaction and the scope of the project, zoideas will finalise the project and send this to you as a proof copy.

6. Final Payment and Delivery of Files
Once you have finalised your invoice, (and if there are excess hours and revisions these will be included – but we will inform you along the way if this occurs so there are no account surprises) and we have a receipt for payment, we will send you the final files via email, and/or a hardcopy – whichever method you prefer.


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